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Steps Section Schema

A schema that is used to validate a part of Laboperator workflow templates.

The steps section defines all steps used in a workflow. A step is a set of closed activities and instructions. Steps can be defined outside of a workflow and then be reused across different workflows.

The steps sections maps inline or external definitions to a key that is unique within this workflow. That key or identifier must be unique among the keys in the steps object. If a key is defined twice the later definition overrides the previous.

Steps defined outside of this workflow template can use the fields defined for this workflow by mapping them to the internally defined fields in the workflow section of the workflow template.

Steps Section Schema
property name*
reference or reference
one of
  • Step
  • Step Reference

A step is a closed set of activities and instructions.

Where is this used?
Other schemas that have a reference ($ref) to this schema.

No references found.