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The Workflow Step Template Schema

A schema that is used to validate a part of Laboperator workflow templates.

A step is a closed set of activities and instructions. Steps can be defined independent of a workflow and then be reused across different workflows.

A step descriptor file describes a workflow consisting of four parts: 1. info: General information about the workflow. 2. fields: Global context in this workflow. 3. steps: Definition of all unique steps that occur in the workflow. 4. workflow: The flow of steps and mapping of fields.

The Workflow Step Template Schema
Configuration Section Schema of a step

The configuration section of a step template holds general options for the workflow display.


In a step, fields are optional. If no fields are defined, the fields of the workflow will be passed down to the step as they are. However, if the step does define fields, the fields of the workflow have to be actively mapped to be available and avoid name collisions.

Behaviors Schema

Behaviors provide means to define the behavior of a step. They can be used to control devices, record results, wait for device responses, control flow within a step and much more. The general scheme of a behavior is trigger => action.

array of reference
Substep Schema

A substep is a single instruction of a step and can both content and actions attached to it.

Context information of a workflow or a step

Used to display contextual information related to the workflow or step.

Information summary about the step that will be generated in the report.

Used to add information that will be generated in the workflow report. The information can contain reference to information present in the workflow, like fields, or workflow template information, using the double curly brackets notation (see examples). Besides field identifiers, the following references are supported: - step: The step in which the reportSummary is contained. Please refer to the API documentation for the keys available to use for step. - template: You can access values from any key inside the workflow template, as long as you pass the keys in the correct hierarchy. - operator: The user who completed the step.

Tables Schema

Tables display a collection of data in an ordered arrangement of rows and columns.


Buttons allow users to trigger actions with a single tap.

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