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Configuration Section Schema of a workflow template

A schema that is used to validate a part of Laboperator workflow templates.

The configuration section of a workflow template holds general options for the workflow display.

Step configurations will override workflow configuration.

Configuration Section Schema of a workflow template
reference or any
Context information panel settings

Configuration of the workflow context information.

string (Header of the workflow report.)

Used to add header information that will be generated in the workflow report. The information can contain reference to information present in the workflow, like workflow template information, using the double curly brackets notation (see examples). Besides field identifiers, the following references are supported: - workflow template keys. You can access values from any key inside the workflow template, as long as you pass the keys in the correct hierarchy. - run: information about the current workflow run

Workflow run {{run.data.attributes.title}} created at
Experiment ABC123

A flag indicating whether a workflow run can be signed.

Where is this used?
Other schemas that have a reference ($ref) to this schema.

No references found.